VLAN routers

In our local network we use the following VLAN router: TP-Link SG108E. The VLAN router is connected to the Internet router (port 8), to the RYZEN5 (port 3), and to the TL-SG105 regular switch. In the following sketch, the total picture is given.


  1. All UTP cables are of high quality (we use cat 7), we have bad experience with flat cables.
  2. The RYZEN has no access to the internet router, so, can't get an IP address. Solve it by setting up a Fixed IP address in the range of the router.
  3. For testing we have a Test laptop which is connected to the internet via wifi, meaning that we can go on the internet, but also can access the both NUC's directly. The RYZEN is accessed via a tunnel, more about this here.
  4. From p3 to p1 of the VLAN router the data is enabled.
  5. From p1 to p8 the data flow is enabled.
  6. From p3 to p8 is disabled


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