Parts for sale

During the development of the websdr, we created a few items for sale. The yield of the sales is 100% used for covering the cost of the websdr (mainly operational cost).

You can get a part by sending an e-mail to with the item you would like and the address where we have to send to item to. Then you get payment instructions. After receiving the payment the item is sent to you in a box properly packed.



PCB of the pre-amplifier

The Maasbree websdr is equipped with a loop antenna. Directly connected to the antenna is a wideband pre-amp[lifier. If you are interested in building this antenna yourself and would like to build the pre-amp too, we made the pcb for the pre-amp available for sale to amateurs. A full documentation is available here:


Price is:

- In the Netherlands 12.50 euro

- in Europe 15 euro

Included packaging and transport with PostNL


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