We live in the year 2024, and we have a WebSDR running in Maasbree from may 2020 (here). It is fully described and documented here.  But technological progress is unstoppable and new ideas and products come on the market which create new possibilities to implement WebSDR installations.

We follow these new technologies and found ways to implement our WebSDR based on new Radio front ends, and very promising software technologies. It is more integrated, has more performance, and it is less complex in terms of hardware, but the software creates virtually endless possibilities.

In this documentation we will go through the new concepts, new hardware and new software, and explain what we did to create our WebSDR 2.0

The documentation is written by PE0MJX and PA0SIM.

- no liability and no guarantee

- anybody can use this documentation as long as it is not for commercial use.

- we give support on request without any obligation


Have fun reading it and maybe use some parts in your own application/system.


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