Location selection

The location is near the Village of Maasbree, which is located close to the city of Venlo, in Limburg, the Netherlands. The reason why we have chosen for this location is:

  • Most important is that it is reasonably quit in terms of man-made noise and QRM
    • We have performed man-made noise and QRM measurements on at least 10 places in the neighborhood of Venlo. The far best place is on the 'Venlose Heide'  east of Venlo. It is heath area and some places there have no man activities for more than a mile around. No 230V, no machinery, only trees and grass !
    • We found out that places far from 230V, far from buildings, and any activity of men, gives the best results in terms of man-made noise and QRM, which is quite logical off course, but not so easy to find in the Venlo area.
    • We found also that the Maasbree location is 'quite good'. It has a rural noise level on 80m decreasing to more then 6dB below rural at 20m. Better places than rural are very hard to find in the Netherlands. Even in Maasbree noise levels are occasionally higher than rural.
  • Receiving antenna can be located at a large distance from large objects. Not only noise levels makes a difference. Receiving signals can be attenuated by surrounding objects in a residential area negatively affecting the signal tonoise ratio.
  • Maasbree is an attended location, very well reachable with standard transportation
  • It has 230V and it has fiberglass internet available from may 2020
  • We have a shack available with proper working area
  • We have full support of the owner PH4RTM !

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