Cooling the RX888KMII


The (out of the package) radio is passively cooled with three cooling blocks. One on the bottom and two at the sides. This should be enough, but several users reported that on the 130MS/S high sample rate the unit gets very hot. On the lower rate about 65 MS/S, the unit is getting also pretty hot. So the inside components are getting even hotter, so we decided to improve the cooling.

- Remove the front and back screws from the covers.

- Take the covers loose.

- Slide the pcb very gentle out of the box. Be careful for the heat conducting peace of hard gel, which is kind of sticky. This is used to take away the heat of the AD-convertor and lead that to the aluminum cover.

- Drill a lot of small holes in the top and bottom of the box.Not to many otherwise the box is to weak. Make it all smooth so we can glue two 50mm 5V fans to the cover at the outside. One at the bottom, one at the top. Make sure the fans BLOW into the unit, right on the pcb. Check the smooth movements of the blades of the fans.

- Than make a 5mm  hole in the side cover with the usb connector, to install a sma connector, see the previous page (here). Look carefully where the hole will be, because there is not to much place for that !.

- Drill more small holes in the front and back covers for letting out the air blown in by the fans.

- connect the MHF plug to the connector on the pcb and slide the pcb back to his place

- put everything back together again, and don't forget the screws.


We have now a GPS freq controlled radio with sufficient cooling for 24/7 operation. Cool !


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