General setup

The general setup of the WebSDR in Maasbree is as follows

  • An active broadband 1.69m2 small loop antenna is placed at a height of 2.5 meter
  • Directly connected to the antenna is a broadband amplifier, which drives the coax cable.
  • The coax cable is 100m long and brings the radio signals into the radio shack.
  • Before going into the shack the cable is grounded with a copper pin into the ground.
  • In the shack we have a metal cabinet for all the radio components. The coax cable shield is connected to the cabinet, before going into the cabinet.
  • In the cabinet the coax is connected to a bias-T module
  • The output of the bias-T goes into a filter bank, which separates all the 5 bands signals before going into the radios.
  • We use three RSP1a radios for the wider bands, and two FiFi radios with sound cards for the smaller bands.
  • The FiFi radio and the sound cards are connected to the laptop via an 8-port USB expander. The RSP1a radios are directly connected to the laptop.
  • The laptop is connected to the internet via a router which is connected to a broadband fiberglass internet modem