Welcome to the WebSDR in Maasbree

This site gives all the information about the WebSDR in the Dutch city of Maasbree, which is located in the South East of the Netherlands. The WebSDR is set up at the beginning of 2020, because of the increasing high level of man-made noise and QRM, which makes it basically impossible to practice the HAM Radio hobby on several bands. It covers the 80/60/40/30/20m bands, including the CW segments.

Since 2021 also a 2m websdr is operational.

The intention of the WebSDR is to give local HAM radio amateurs access to a receiver on a location with a low noise floor. It is a free service, amateurs worldwide can make use of the WebSDR in Maasbree.


The WebSDR is based on websdr technology and software, developed by P.T. de Boer, http://www.websdr.org/

Donations are welcome, the site is set up by radio amateurs, fully voluntarily (see Introduction)

For entering the WebSDR click:  here

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