WebSDR software

We need to install the WebSDR software and configure it carefully.

Using this software needs permission of PA3FWM, P.T. de Boer.

Special thanks goes to:

- PA3FWM; P.T. de Boer for the WebSDR software  (http://www.websdr.org/)

If you have permission and need assistance to get it working, you can contact us via e-mail.


Instead of using a RSP1a or FiFi/sound card receiver for each band, we now receive all band I/Q streams as multicast streams from the KA9Q software and a single RX888MKII receiver.


The WebSDR software of PA3FWM has two interfaces for the I/Q streams.

One is an 8-bit I/Q stream for RTL dongles with a limited dynamic range. In our previous WebSDR we increased that range by 3 bits using noise shaping. So we had effectively 11-bits!

The other interface is a 16-bit I/Q audio interface. The maximum sample rate in Linux is normally set to 192kHz. That is too low for a WebSDR, because most bands are wider than 192kHz.

The Utah WebSDR group has written two programs to support 384kHz and 768kHz.

FPLAY as a high speed version of APLAY:


FASTLOOP for a high speed version of the Linux snd-aloop virtual audio devices:



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