GNU radio model with noise blanker


The top level receives the multicast streams with the multicast block of Franco K4VZ.

After converting a stream from complex to float, it is send to the WebSDR using a two channel audio sink.

The noise blanker (hierarchical block NB_core_3) is for now inserted on 80m and 40m only.

Overlapping FFT and IFFT is done in the FFT_overlap_NB_3 and IFFT_overlap_NB_3 hierarchical blocks.

For a description of the functionality see page:







NB Core 3 Pdf
PDF – 23,9 KB 6 downloads
IFFT Overlap NB 3 Pdf
PDF – 22,4 KB 6 downloads
FFT Overlap NB 3 Pdf
PDF – 21,9 KB 5 downloads
Via MC All Pdf
PDF – 34,6 KB 8 downloads



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